10% Off Pet Dental Care!

10% Off Pet Dental Care for The Rest of October!

For the rest of October, our animal hospital is offering ways to save on your pet's wellness care. You can save 10 percent on dental treatments for your pet while providing the preventative care they need for their teeth and gums.

pet dental care

Why Consider Pet Dental Care?

The reasons to consider pet dental care depend on your pet's teeth, gums and mouth. Prevention of oral health conditions is a key reason to consider the treatment; however, it may also benefit pets with specific problems.

Common reasons to consider the treatment include:

  • Addressing bad breath
  • Reducing the risk of gum disease or similar conditions
  • Treating a broken or damaged tooth
  • Addressing a pet's apparent tooth pain
  • Treating cavities or other problems in a pet's teeth
  • Cleaning a pet's teeth

Prevention is a key factor in dental care at our animal hospital. We offer preventative treatments to limit the risk of gum disease or other oral health conditions that may develop in a dog or cat.

Savings on Dental Treatment from a Vet

Savings on dental treatment from a vet gives you the confidence to focus on your pet's well-being. In our animal hospital, we offer reasonable costs to help you keep up with the needs of your pet. For the rest of October, you will save 10% on dental care and preventative care for your pet's teeth and gums.

Take advantage of the savings and ensure that your pet has the wellness care he or she needs. Allow a veterinarian in our clinic to address any oral health concerns in your pets.

Why Visit a Veterinarian in Mesquite TX

The reasons you want to visit a veterinarian in Mesquite TX depend on your pet's teeth and situation. Generally, we recommend an annual check-up to evaluate your pet's teeth for any changes or complications. During the check-up, we clean your pet's teeth and ensure that you know of any risks or concerns. We also teach pet owners appropriate ways to care for a pet's teeth between visits and cleanings.

We may recommend further treatments from a professional when your pet shows signs of gum disease, damaged teeth or their conditions. Our recommendations vary based on your pet's specific needs and our concerns. We suggest regular visits to a veterinarian for dental care as a preventative step toward keeping your pet healthy and active.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Mesquite Veterinarian

Dental care is an essential part of your pet's health. Without proper treatment and care, your pet may face unnecessary pain and challenges. To learn more about saving on dental care for your pets or to set up an appointment with a veterinarian, call (972) 613-9871 today.


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