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Nutritional Advice For Pets

Pet Nutrition

Nutritional Advice for Pets From Your Mesquite Veterinarian

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your pets’ health.  Good nutrition can help senior dogs remain at their best for longer, help overweight pets lose weight, treat allergies, and ensure that puppies have the nutrition needed to grow and develop. Here at Town East Galloway Animal Clinic in Mesquite TX, our veterinarians and staff want to see all pets thrive, and meeting their nutritional needs is one of the ways that you can help them do so.

Choosing a Pet Food

It is important that the food contains only high-quality ingredients, which equates to better nutrition as well as palatability, for your pet.  Many foods now are formulated specifically to meet the needs of your pet based on age, breed or diagnosis of health issues such as kidney disease.

Certain ingredients have been touted or vilified over the years, but the important thing is to choose a food that suits your pet. For overweight pets, this might mean a diet that is lower in fat. For senior dogs, this might mean a diet that is lower in calories. Pets with allergies may benefit from a food that excludes certain products, although there are only a few truly hypoallergenic diets that will help allergic pets.

Things like food coloring and chemical preservatives may or may not be bad for your pet, but they are certainly unnecessary. For this reason, puppy and kitten recommendations, as well as those for adult pets, are to choose a food without artificial colors or chemical preservatives. You can schedule a visit to our animal hospital to have a veterinarian tell you more if you aren't sure which ingredients should or shouldn't be in your pet's food.

Get Dietary Advice for Your Pets from Our Great Vet Staff

Here at Town East Galloway Animal Clinic, our veterinary staff supports your quest to choose a nutritious food that best meets the needs of your pet. If you are interested in making an appointment with a veterinarian to discuss pet nutrition, please contact us today. Our animal hospital in Mesquite TX can be reached at 972-613-9871.

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