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How To Manage Your Pets Weight

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Pet Weight Management with Your Mesquite Veterinarian

Puppy and kitten health depends a great deal on whether or not the pet is a healthy weight. Overweight pets are at risk for a variety of diseases and chronic conditions. Managing your pet's weight can help you protect your pet from these conditions, and can also improve your pet's quality of life.

How Diet Affects Overall Health

Overweight pets are at risk for a variety of health problems including diabetes, heart problems, and cancer. This is especially true of senior dogs and cats. 

Tips to Manage Your Pet's Weight

There are many ways that you can manage your pet's weight and prevent your pet from becoming obese. Some of the ways that we recommend that pet owners prevent unnecessary weight gain include:

  • Walk or play with your pet regularly. Pets need to be walked regularly in order to stay active and burn calories. If your pet doesn't go for walks (many cats don't), then play with your pet on a regular basis.
  • Ask your pet's vet for food recommendations. Your pet's veterinarian in Mesquite TX can help you pick the right food for your pet, even if your pet has allergies. Puppy and kitten recommendations from your pet's veterinarian can help you avoid fatty and unhealthy food choices.
  • Follow the manufacturer feeding guides on all food boxes.  Commercially made pet food always comes with feeding guides to help you decide when, how much and how often to feed your pet.  
  • Take your pet to the animal hospital on a regular basis. Take your pet to the animal hospital at least once per year for a wellness exam and medical care.  

Contact Your Pet's Veterinarian in Mesquite TX

As your pet's animal hospital in Mesquite TX, we can help your pet get the weight management he or she needs in order to maintain good health and avoid chronic conditions. To make an appointment with our veterinarian in Mesquite TX, contact us today at 972-613-9871.  



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