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Why Your Pet Needs An Annual Exam

Why Your Pet Needs An Annual Exam

Our Mesquite Veterinarian Team Provides Annual Pet Wellness Exams Any Time of Year

Even though 2018 just started, it's never too early to start thinking about scheduling your pet's annual check-up. Wondering why our Mesquite veterinarian team believes the yearly vet visit is so important for your animal's health? Read on to see our top reasons!

5 Reasons Why the Annual Pet Wellness Check Up Is So Important for Your Cat or Dog

  1. Annual exams increase the likelihood of early detection (and prevention) of disease. Many pet health conditions, like dental disease or heartworms, can develop long before symptoms show up—fortunately, these can be running routine lab work (including blood and fecal tests) in addition to providing thorough physical examinations allows our Mesquite vet staff to get a great picture of your pet's current health status, and implement any preventive or therapeutic interventions as indicated. 
  2. The annual exam is a great way to make sure your pet is up-to-date on all its necessary vaccinations and medicines. Most vaccines require booster shots. We can provide many of these at annual exams, as well as answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. 
  3. Your pet's health needs may change at different times of the year. Some animals suffer from seasonal allergies or other weather-related changes, so we advise pet parents to have their animals in a routine basis so we can make sure pets have all the services they need to stay healthy in every season. 
  4. Your pet's needs may change at different times in its life. From kittenhood/puppyhood to senior years, your pet will likely have different health issues at different ages. Age-related diseases may crop up or weight differences may occur (which may necessitate updated medication dosages), among other changes.
  5. Annual pet wellness exams can save you money in the long run. We look at the small expenses related to annual pet wellness exams as money well spent since it can save you literally thousands of dollars in the future by allowing our team to detect, treat, and prevent health conditions on a timely basis. 

Check Your Schedule, Check Ours, Then Give Us a Call to Schedule Your Pets' Next Yearly Check-Up!

Our Mesquite veterinarian team is standing by and ready to meet you and your beloved animal companion. To schedule your pet's yearly checkup or to learn about the comprehensive services we offer, contact Town East Galloway Animal Clinic now at (972) 613-9871.



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