Canine Rehabilitation

Certified Canine Rehabilitation From Your Mesquite Veterinarian

At Town East Galloway Animal Clinic, our canine rehabilitation and therapy services heal through physical activity in a similar way to physical therapy for humans. Dr. Chelly Quinn has created a comprehensive rehabilitation program since earning her CCRT certification in 2015. This program can help animals with recovery from illness, injury or surgery, and pain relief for chronic conditions such as arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Dog getting help walking after surgery.

Canine Physical Therapy

People use physical therapy all the time in order to improve their performance or recover from an injury. Dogs can benefit from the same things that humans do when undertaking this type of treatment. Strength, flexibility, and balance are the most common things that are worked on in canine rehabilitation. If your pet has suffered an injury, required surgery, or has lingering aftereffects from an illness, your veterinarian here at Town East Galloway Animal Clinic might recommend being evaluated by Dr. Chelly at Animal Rehab & Therapy (ART) for rehabilitation services. Pain relief is a major reason that dogs are referred to ART where increased strength and balance can let your pet get back to enjoying pain free physical activity. Dr. Chelly offers a discount on rehab and therapy for all existing TEGAC patients.

Training for CCRT Certified Animal Hospital Therapists

The Canine Rehabilitation Institute (CRI) offers a three-course certification program to veterinarians and physical therapists (PTs). This course includes training in anatomy and physiology, conditions that commonly send dogs from the animal hospital to PT, methods of rehabilitation, rehabilitation involving neurological problems, and more. A 40-hour internship is required so that CCRT certificate program graduates can get hands-on experience.

CRI chose to offer this certificate only to people who are a veterinarian or PT already. This means that all therapists who have completed the program will have a high level of training and have completed advanced coursework in all of their subjects. You can have complete confidence that the therapists know how to help your dog without causing additional injury.

Improve Your Dog's Recovery with Physical Therapy from Town East Galloway Animal Clinic

At Town East Galloway Animal Clinic, located in Mesquite, TX, we provide advanced treatment for dogs who are diagnosed with arthritis, pre- and post-operative orthopedic surgical conditions and strengthening as well as hip dysplasia, chronic conditions, weight reduction and a multitude of other conditions. Treatments can include use of the underwater treadmill/aquatic therapy, agility balls, cavaletti rails, laser therapy, various massage techniques as well as other effective therapeutic modalities. Dr. Chelly provides a comprehensive evaluation which creates the foundation on your pet’s treatment plan that will include an exercise program for you to do at home with your pet. She continues to communicate and work with the veterinarian that provided the referral to ensure that there is continuity of care. Dr. Chelly is also pursuing certification in acupuncture to further help pets and will incorporate it into your pet’s rehab program, if appropriate. If you believe that your dog might benefit from physical therapy, please call us today at (972) 613-9871 to schedule an appointment.


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